Angular 2 Tutorial

angular 2 tutorial
angular 2 tutorial

This tutorial is a practical Angular 2 resource for programmers who are building or want to build web client applications under HTML and Typescript (Typescript is compiled into JavaScript).

We will discover the Angular 2 architecture, directives, components, services, routing, styling, events, validation, unit testing, and everything we need in our daily work.

References and Try Online examples at the end of the article :

try angular 2 sample
try angular 2 sample

import {Component} from 'angular2/core';

// we will use this Tag to Call our Component
selector: 'angular-2-sample',

// The location of our Template used in this Component
templateUrl: 'app/hello_world.html'
export class HelloWorld {

// variable declaration yourName
yourName: string = '';

Is that tutorial for you?

If you have already worked with:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascrit

Then this Tutorial is for you 🙂


The first version of Angular delivered in 2009. And today we speak about a new Angular called Angular 2. Angular 2 is a new Framework and not a new Release of Angular 1.x. (this is the reality).

angular 2 example