Angular 2 Introduction


Angular 2 is Simple angular-2-effortless

  • What is Angular 2?

Angular 2 is a Framework to build mobile and desktop application. Angular 2 allows the

“Learn once and write anywhere”.

  • How Angular 2 works?

Angular 2 Framework updates the states based on the Data changes not the DOM changes.


  • Angular 2 is Component based Framework, it allows us to create new components to extend the HTML, we can say it’s HTML++
angular 2 syntax
angular 2 syntax


  • Can we develop Mobile apps with Angular 2?

Angular 2 and NativeScript make the Mobile development (Android, iOS) easy, we will discover how to build Mobile Apps later in our Tutorial. We will learn ionic too.

  • Is Angular 2 Compatible with new Browsers?

Angular 2 supports the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, and Safari, it supports older browsers too.

  • How can we write Angular 2 Code?

Using Typescript (a programming language) we can write our Angular 2 code. This typescript code is compiled into Plain JavaScript code. (Browser can only understand JavaScript)