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Angular 2 UI WEB Framework

The Most Complete Angular 2 UI WEB Library to Speed Up Your Web Development


Angular 2 Tutorial

Angular 2 Tutorial

Angular 2 Ng Style Example

Angular 2 Ng Style allows us to easily style properties of an HTML element and bind the properties to values that we can edit programmatically. Example Code Source : Angular 2 Ng Style Example demo

Angular 2 Grid System

Angular 2 Grid System provides an easy to use grid system to build layouts of different sizes and forms.     Create dynamic angular 2 grids, with drag and drop support and many other features.   Download our Angular 2 Grid System Component from here: (Compatible Angular 2 final release) ready to run example. With … Continue reading Angular 2 Grid System

Angular 2 Example

Angular 2 Examples is a pack of useful angular 2 examples, the examples code source are self explained, with comments and simplicity.     Our objective is to make it easy for you to understand and run example on your machines. Step by step demos : Download our examples suit (zip file above) by clicking … Continue reading Angular 2 Example

Angular 2 UI Framework

Angular 2 framework contains: alert, accordion, button, carousel, collapse, dropdown, modal, progressbar, rating, tabs, tooltip, autocomplete, datepicker, timepicker, pagination. Angular 2 UI Framework Download code source. Click the download button above to get the latest Angular 2 framework. Unzip the downloaded file in your folder. example : /angular_2_ui_web_components From command line go to this folder. … Continue reading Angular 2 UI Framework